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If you are looking for salon equipment then you have landed at the right place. BELLEZA PRODUCTS is a one stop shop for SALON EQUIPMENTS & goods. Featuring all the salon equipment you need for your busy hair and beauty salon. We have a wide range of salon equipment to suit all pockets, all from major European, American brands which guarantee the best quality and fast delivery. We sell all the tools of the hair and Beauty trade including a massive range of hair dryers, curling irons and hair straighteners. Plus, with our range of Barber shop supplies we also cater for Barber shops, and have all the little things that traditional wholesalers dont have for Barbers. Welcome to the new http://bellezaproducts.co.za/ . The extraordinary team at BELLEZA PRODUCTS has created a web site that combines all professional fingernail & beauty products along with the most extensive resources for all nail techs, salon owners, that is necessary to continue to grow or start your business. As you explore http://bellezaproducts.co.za/ you will discover how interactive our website has become. Your voice is the most important voice to us. We want you to have a user-friendly experienced filled with valuable and helpful information, so we updated our website with everything our team could think of to help make your experience better. If you donít see what you are looking for, send us a comment. Donít be surprised if you see it next time you come back! Our Famous range is mentioned below: Hair Accessories Salon Accessories Salon Combs Tinting Brushes Tinting Brush Set Salon Barber Scissor Salon Scissor Salon Brushes Shaving Brushes Salon Shaving Brushes Blow Dry Brushes Salon Blow Dry Brushes Salon Hair Brushes Hair Brushes Salon Rollers Salon Perm Rods Salon Curlers Salon Caps Hair Dryers Salon Hair Dryers Salon Trolleys Salon Driers Salon Steamers Salon Wax Products Salon Chairs Barber Chairs Salon Couches Salon Furniture Salon Backwash Units Salon Basins Salon Manicure Salon Mirrors Salon basin Manicure tables Manicure products Salon mirrors Backwash units Salon backwash units Salon Furniture There are lots of small intricacies which come together in order to create the perfect salon furniture; it begins with an extensive design process that must be coupled with industry experience and focus on safety, design innovation, creativity, style, durability and usability. At BELLEZA we can assure you that no stone has been left unturned when it comes to providing you with the very best salon furniture. SALON HAIR DRYERS: Hairdryers are a necessity especially when you live in a cold country like ours, so we want to help you guys out and pick our favourite five from site. The essential tool for creating the perfect blow dry. Look no further than our range of professional hairdryers from the industrys leading brands. Our hairdryers and diffusers are not only highly professional but also come in a range of colours and patterns to match your individuality. Choose from a wide variety of hairdryers, including travel, lightweight, and turbo styles to best cater to your needs. Hair Straighteners For all your straightening or styling needs our range boasts some of the finest tools in the industry from leading professional brands . BARBER CHAIRS & SALON CHAIRS We boast an exclusive range of salon chairs which have been carefully designed with quality, innovation, comfort and style in mind. Barber chairs are the biggest and most heavy duty chairs you can buy to use in your salon or barber shop to cut hair with. One of the key features of a barber chair, is that as the chair reclines back, the footrest will rise, putting the customer into a more comfortable position. Some salon equipment and barber equipment distributors offer a small variety of these chairs because they are so large and the cost associated with warehousing these products can quickly add up. Barber chairs are one of those products that deserve the extra due diligence to make sure you are making the right purchase for your needs. SALON FACIAL EQUIPMENTS Facial equipment sometimes referred to as aesthetic equipment or esthetic equipment in general can be a little tricky because a large segment of these products are manufactured by one family. They have factories in different parts of the world, and depending on where the factory is located can directly affect its pricing. Many salon equipment and salon furniture distributors are unaware of this fact because the factories have different names and go to great measures to conceal this information. As you will see, some of these products are identical but simply have a different name. The importers of facial equipment sometimes use their own names to create brand recognition. Some brands have been more successful than others, but do not purchase for this reason alone. In some situations, you may end up overpaying for the same product you can get at a substantial discount. Clippers & Trimmers Our product range male grooming is made easy. We stock clippers and trimmers for both personal and professional use, whether you are looking to trim your outgrown sideburns, pluck a stubborn nasal hair or get a full-on haircut. Take a look at our selection of hardy equipment today. We are: Salon Equipment Suppliers Salon Equipment Wholesalers Salon Equipment Retailers Salon Equipment Importers Salon Furniture Wholesalers Salon Furniture Exporter We offer our services under according to below given titles: Salon Equipment Johannesburg Salon Equipment Midrand Salon Equipment Eastrand Salon Equipment Westrand Salon Equipment Sandton Salon Equipment South Africa Salon Equipment Crown Mines Our site map can be as below: PRODUCTS Salon Accessories Comb Sets Tinting Products Wood Blow Dry Brushes Wood Blow Dry Brushes professional Brushes Aluminium Blow Dry Brushes Bendy Rollers and Velcro Rollers Perm Rods Curlers Salon Caps Salon Sterlizer Curling Irons HAIR DRYERS AND STEAMERS Face and Hair Steamer Salon Wax Salon Chairs Hydraulic Lift Stylist Chairs Gas Lift Backwash Units Salon Trolleys BASINS AND UNITS BARBER CHAIRS STOOLS COUCHES KIDS CHAIRS Salon Furniture Manicure CONTACT US
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