Hair And Face Steamer Portable

2 in 1 face and hair steamer

We can only imagine how annoying it can be to switch from facial steamer to hair steamer. After all, time is money, which is why we are featuring this spectacular 2 in 1 portable steamer. You get the convenience of rotating between relaxing aromatherapy sessions and professional conditioning treatments. The best part is that this unit is travel size, so no more rolling out the oversized steamer.

The unit features two accessories that will allow you to rotate between professional facials and top of the line hair treatments. Both accessories are easy to attach.


Compact travel size

Two interchangeable pieces

Reduces blemishes, acne, & more

Excellent for treating pores & dry skin

Use for treating brittle & damaged hair

Provide valuable nutrients to unhealthy hair

2 in 1 Hot facial steamer for home use

Creating ion and Ozone vapour

Ion saturate hair and lock in moisture,protect hair quality and remove surf

Skin Sterilizing and whitening

Automatic circuit breaker for too high or too low water level

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